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  • Feizer Branchcutter ™ – Cordless Mini ChainSaw



Cordless mini chainsaw with a powerful dynamic system

Feizer Branchcutter™ is the most practical solution for efficient, quick, and safe branch cutting, plant pruning, gardening and woodwork. With a fast speed and low power consumption, the mini chainsaw is equipped with a strong magnet motor with an electric drive. Packed in a cosy plastic suitcase, it is the ideal partner for your everyday supportive needs.

Firm & Sharp


Copper motor & chain speed of 5M/S Strong Dynamic System

Strong Dynamic System

Smooth cutting

Practical & durable

With lithim rechargeable battery

Overload protection

Automatically stops

Ergonomic design

Lightweight, one-hand usage


Variable speed switch

Cutting speed control

Wear-resistant chain

Adjustable in length


Hand protection & a safety button

Cosy suitcase

To carry around and store safely


Innovative tooth design and a non-slip handle

Feizer Branchcutter™ adapts high-quality guide chain which is deeply helping to ensure smooth cutting. You can not only easily grasp and hold it steadily, but also firmly positon it on every branch, so that this multifunctional electric mini chainsaw remains stable while working.

Prevents the sawdust from splashing to protect your safety and can be rotated by 90°.


Cut fastly!

Feizer Branchcutter™ is packed with a powerful copper motor, which offers fast speed and high performance. This makes cutting efficiency higher and faster. It only takes about 10 seconds for the electric mini chainsaw to cut a stem with a diameter of up to 60mm.

The ergonomic design makes it convenient to hold for a long time without making your hand tired. Due to its compact size Feizer Branchcutter™ chainsaw allows for one-hand control and zero chances to slip from your fingers.


Smoother cutting thanks to speed control system

Feizer Branchcutter™ has an intuitive fine quality switch which enables you to adjust the desired speed, depending on the wood thickness or the type of woodwork you do. You can simply switch from slow to fast cutting in a smooth way by adjusting the pressure on the button.


Never overheats

The integrated guide plate and intelligent circuit control board deliver an overload protection. Thanks to this function, the chainsaw can dissipate heat quickly and urges the motor to stop working automatically before overheating, which makes your work safer.

Its fine quality guide plate chain and the intelligent circuit control board make Feizer Branchcutter™ perfect for your garden or home projects and any other repair or construction work.

How to set up feizer branchcutter™

Attention: be careful with the direction of the chain


    Mike Douglas

    Verified review

    This product is small, really easy to handle. perfect for small gardening work. I personally love this definitely worth the money go get one for yourself.

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    Peter Gream

    Verified review

    I like to use in my garden area. Easy to carry and use. Cut the small tree is fast. This hand saw is really sharp and fast to cut trees. I tried 6 inch tree. Take about 10 seconds.

    Bill James

    Verified review

    This mini chainsaw was wonderful, just good enough power to handle the thicker tree branches, working great.

Product specifications:

Cutting Size 60 mm

Material ABS and meta

Color Blue

Battery Included 1 Lithium Battery, 24V, 1300mAH, 5.55Wh

Chain Speed 5m/s

Electric Drive Strong Magnet Motor

Weight 1.85 (the whole set)

Questions and answers

  • What can the Feizer Branchcutter™ be used for?

    It is multifunctional and suitable for cutting trees, pruning, woodwork, gardening.

  • Does it work on one speed or can I change it?

    You can adjust the speed of the mini chainsaw by pressing the switch harder or loosening the pressure.

  • Is this electric mini chainsaw durable?

    Yes. It has a powerful copper motor and rechargeable battery for prolonged use.

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  • Package contains:

    1. 1X    Cordless Mini Chainsaw
    2. 1X    Lithium Battery
    3. 1X    Charging Adaptor
    4. 1X    Chain
    5. 1X    Chain Holder
    6. 1X    Socket Wrench
    7. 1X    Screwdriver
    8. 1X    User Manual
    9. 1X    Protective Cover
    10. 1X    Plastic Cosy Suitcase to Carry
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